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Zenith’s GCP certification training is created by top industry experts which will help you clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. This Google Cloud training enables you to master key Google Cloud concepts like storage, computing, database, networking and security. Enroll for Google Cloud course Now!

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    • Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.
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Main Features

55 Hrs Instructor-led Training

30 Hrs Self-paced Videos

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60 Hrs Project Work & Exercises

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Benefits of Google Cloud Certification Training with Zenith Learning

  • Our Google Cloud Certification Training is purely practical-based with hands-on tutoring with Doubt clarification sessions.
  • We give full curriculum coverage from basics to advanced level.
  • Our curriculum is adaptive to upgrade trending concepts in the domain.
  • Our trainers are cherry-picked industry experts working for top MNCs across the globe.
  • You will master Google Cloud Certification Training with module-based hands-on sessions & live projects.
  • Corporate Readiness - Mock Interviews, Interview Question discussion, etc.
  • Concept planting: Any topic you learn here will have strong concept demonstration, Practicals, Projects, Best practices, Interview questions, and real-time use cases - pitching an effective learning experience.
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Google Cloud Certification Training $200
Abilities Covered
Programming And Scripting
Micro Services Architecture
Development Applications
Application Platforms
Communication Skills
  • What is the Google Cloud Platform, and how does it work?
  • Google Cloud has a long history.
  • Google Cloud Misconceptions, Opportunities, Trends, and Demand & Future
  • The market demand for Google Cloud and its trends.
  • Overview of all tools, services, and modules, as well as a high-level discussion.
  • End-to-end workflow and integrations for tools.
  • Real-time roles and duties, as well as the organizations objectives
  • What are the real-time objectives of this resource?
  • Who may benefit from Google Cloud Platform knowledge?
  • The following are the prerequisites for learning Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Clouds Importance in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Infrastructure Preview for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Computer Resources: An Overview
  • Networking Services: An Overview
  • An overview of the storage and database services available
  • Bigdata and AI Services: An Overview
  • Make a list of the various ways to interact with GCP.
  • GCP Project Fundamentals
  • Use the GCP Console and Cloud Shell to manage your GCP account.
  • Create buckets in Cloud Storage.
  • To deploy solutions, go to the GCP Marketplace.
  • Using the GCP console to manage your GCP environment
  • CLI is used to manage the GCP environment.
  • Cloud Shell is a tool for managing GCP environments.
  • In GCP, make a list of the VPC objects.
  • Distinguish between the many forms of VPC networks.
  • VPC networks and firewall rules should be implemented.
  • Create a maintenance server that serves as a bastion host.
  • Network/Sub-network.
  • DNS (Domain Name System) Resolution
  • DHCP.
  • Routes and Firewalls
  • Topology of a network.
  • Recall the virtual machines CPU and memory settings.
  • Describe the virtual machine disc choices.
  • Explain the price and discounts for virtual machines.
  • Create and customize virtual machine instances with Compute Engine.
  • HDD, SSD, and Local SSD are examples of persistent discs.
  • Images and snapshots
  • Explain how the Cloud IAM resource hierarchy works.
  • Describe the many sorts of IAM roles.
  • Remember the many sorts of IAM members.
  • Cloud Identity and G-Suite
  • G-Suite and organization setup
  • Using Cloud IAM, implement resource access control.
  • Know how to manage identity and access (IAM).
  • Organizations, Roles, Members, Service Accounts, and Policy are all things to be aware of.
  • Hierarchy of Policy.
  • Understanding the various roles and permissions available.
  • Making a custom role
  • IAM APIs at their most basic.
  • Practices that work best.
  • Understand the differences between Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Firestore, and Cloud Bigtable.
  • Choose a data storage provider that meets your needs.
  • Put data storage services in place.
  • Explain the cloud resource managers hierarchical structure.
  • Recognize how GCP consumers are protected by quotas.
  • To arrange your materials, use labels.
  • Explain how budget alerts in GCP behave.
  • Describe the monitoring, logging, error reporting, tracing, and debugging features provided by Stackdriver.
  • With Stackdriver Monitoring, you can create charts, alerts, and uptime checks for your resources.
  • To find and correct issues, use the Stackdriver Debugger.
  • Remember that you can link your infrastructure to GCP using the GCP connection and peering services.
  • In certain situations, decide which GCP connection or peering service to utilize.
  • Create VPN gateways and configure them.
  • Remember when to utilize VPC Network Peering and when to use Shared VPC.
  • Consider the many load balancing services available.
  • In some situations, determine which GCP load balancer to utilize.
  • Describe how auto scaling works.
  • Load balancing and auto-scaling should be configured.
  • Using Deployment Manager or Terraform, automate the deployment of GCP services.
  • Outline the GCP Marketplace.
  • Describe the GCP controlled data processing services.
  • Services for dataflow.
  • PubSub is a method for ingesting data.
  • Processing can be done in two ways: in real time and in batches.
  • Dataproc is a program that allows you to manipulate data.
  • Using DataPrep for the first time.
  • Datalab for data visualization: Getting Started
  • How to get started using Data Studio for your reporting requirements.
  • App Engine as an application development service is described in detail.
  • Repositories for source code.
  • Endpoints in the cloud.
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    Google Cloud Certification is one of the most advanced cloud web services solutions. Every small and large corporation is expanding into the cloud business for application and software development in todays competitive market. Google Cloud Learning is a good option for both absolute novices and experienced users who wish to learn about cloud computing services. Even software developers who desire to transfer jobs as Cloud engineers or Cloud architects can benefit from Zenith Learning certified Google Cloud training.
    You will obtain expert knowledge to grasp the Google Cloud Platform Certification and will be a skilled player to tap Google Cloud technologies at a deep level after completing the GCP course. Furthermore, you will be a part of Zenith Learning, which will allow you to access the knowledge-base shared by members all over the world. Zenith Learning will also award you an industry-recognized certificate for your Google Cloud certification learning.
    There is no need to be concerned. We will update each course module recording in the LMS Bay to ensure that no one misses any topics, as Zenith Learning guarantees. It will assist you in gaining access to them at your leisure within the time allotted to finish the course with all modules covered and revised.
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  • To grasp the Google cloud concepts, all you need is a basic understanding of cloud infrastructure/cloud computing and some scripting skills.

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