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Zenith Learning provides online and self-paced videos for Salesforce training. Salesforce foundations, Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, data modelling and management, custom controllers, administrative essentials, and certain advanced concepts like Salesforce Lightning are covered in this 40-hour course. All of these capabilities will help you pass Salesforce certification examinations. Zenith Learning focuses on technical interview-focused skillsets and emphasizes career training to assist learners obtain employment quickly after completing the Salesforce Course Online.

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    • Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.
    • Instructor-led live sessions
    • Industry- Specific Curriculum
    • Recorded sessions for every class
    • Flexible schedules for working professionals
    • Real-life Case Studies
    • Dedicated Student Success Manager

Main Features

40 Hrs Instructor Training

Certification Assistance Program

Flexible Schedule Training

Weekday/Weekend Batch

Lifetime Access for videos

Designed for Students and Professionals

Benefits of Salesforce Training course

  • This course is for anyone interested in learning of Salesforce Training course and fast becoming acquainted with this popular technology and its significance
  • This course will introduce you to Salesforce Training applications and real-world use cases in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, banking, healthcare, automation, and others.
  • Salesforce Training curriculum is developed to match the needs of today industry.
  • Hands-on Experience in Live Projects
  • Unlimited Mock Interview and Quiz Session
  • Will also gain a thorough understanding of best practices used to implement Projects
Self learning
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Salesforce Training $350
Abilities Covered
Development Applications
Application Platforms
Communication Skills
  • Trainees will learn about the principles of Salesforce CRM, Salesforce editions & architecture and creating apps.
  • Define Salesforce and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process.
  • An Overview
  • What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?
  • Salesforce has a variety of editions.
  • Building and Customizing the Home Page, Apps, and Tabs in Salesforce
  • Salesforce architecture is multi-tenant and powered by meta-data.
  • Capabilities of CRM Objects
  • The sales cloud concepts of creating list views, generating leads, creating user accounts and campaigns.
  • Basics of Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Creating Email Leads and List Views
  • Generating and Converting Leads
  • Creating Accounts and Contacts
  • Sending personal and group Emails
  • Creating Campaigns and Activities
  • Creating Opportunities and Products
  • Creating Web-to-Lead Form and Lead Assignment Rule
  • You will learn subjects such as developing cases and solutions, case escalation and assignment rules.
  • Basics of the Cloud Service
  • Case Assignment Rules and Case Creation
  • Rules for Case Escalation
  • Developing and Implementing Solutions
  • Knowledge Setting and Enabling
  • Creating an email-to-case address and a web-to-case form
  • Creating objects and fields, changing objects, custom objects, text area fields, lookup fields.
  • Standard Object Components, Creating Objects
  • Changing and Renaming Common Objects
  • Custom Objects and External Objects
  • Field Dependencies and Field Types
  • Incorporating Fields into Objects
  • Field for Rollup Summary
  • Creating Master-Detail and Lookup Fields
  • Data and Time Fields Creation
  • Adding Email and Phone Fields to a Form
  • Text and Text area fields creation
  • Adding Fields for Currency, Geolocation, and Percentage
  • Creating URL and Encrypted Fields
  • Fields that are standard and formula fields
  • This topic covers system-level security, permission settings, password policies, field-level security, and IP address.
  • Security at the organizational or system level
  • Permission Sets and Profiles
  • Troubleshooting and managing users
  • Tab Settings and Security Settings
  • Security of IP Addresses and Password Policies
  • Security and Activations at the Field Level
  • Page Layout Assignment and Session Settings
  • Creating a Role Hierarchy
  • Security at the record and object levels
  • Queue and Public Group
  • This module covers the creation of custom links and buttons, as well as record operations and global actions.
  • Making buttons, links, and Actions
  • Creating Your Own Custom Links and Buttons
  • Using Actions to Create and Update Records
  • Using Actions to log a call
  • Action on a global scale and action on a specific object
  • This session will teach you how to create a visual flow, configure process builders & create a process with fields.
  • Schema Editor, Process Builder, and Visual Workflow Overview
  • Creating a Visual Flow and modifying existing ones
  • Using the Process Builder
  • Using Process Builder to Create a Process
  • Using the Schema Editor to Create Fields
  • Data processing, Apex data loader, import wizard, External ID, data export, and using the sandbox.
  • Overview of data processing
  • Exporting Data with Unique Fields and External IDs
  • Using the Data Loader and Import Wizard to Install Apex Data Loader
  • Data Loader: Updating and Deleting
  • Transferring ownership of a record
  • The Sandbox: Creating and Using It
  • Creating a Data Export and Reporting Snapshot Tags
  • This session teaches you how to create validation rules, error messages, and formulas in detail.
  • Basic Validation Rules
  • Validation Rules Formulation
  • Formulas and Error Messages Creating Formulas and Error Messages
  • Chatter fundamentals such as enabling chatter, chatter email notification, establishing salesforce to salesforce,
  • Customizing libraries and email notifications, and receiving the salesforce connection.
  • The Basics of Chatter
  • Configuring Chatter Groups and Enabling Chatter
  • Chatter feeds on the records are enabled.
  • Chatter Email Notification
  • Creating a user for free customer conversation
  • Customer groups are formed.
  • Chatter Email Notifications Can Be Customized
  • Content Enabling Ideas and Customizing and Enabling Libraries
  • Setting Concepts Themes
  • Activating Social Media Profiles
  • Salesforce is set to Salesforce
  • Account sharing from salesforce to salesforce
  • Accepting the Connection to Salesforce
  • Configuring Salesforce1
  • You will learn ideas related to Salesforce1 and SalesforceA in this module.
  • Salesforce1 and SalesforceA: An Overview
  • Distinguish between Salesforce1 and SalesforceA.
  • This Salesforce training module will teach you how to master VF page concepts, MVC
  • Visualforce charts, wrapper classes, custom, and standard controllers.
  • Basics and setting of the VF Page
  • Introduction to MVC
  • In VisualForce, do you want a custom or standard controller?
  • VisualForce is used to create charts.
  • In VisualForce, there are two types of controllers: custom and standard.
  • VF Page Wrapper Classes
  • Javascript implementation in VisualForce Pages, Action Controllers, and Functions
  • The principles of message tags and panel tags are explained in this module.
  • Page Message
  • Panel Bar and Panel Grid
  • PanelBarmItem and Panel Group
  • Visualforce miscellaneous tags like as CommandLink, Facet, Iframe, and ListViews are covered in this module.
  • Command and Column
  • Link
  • Facets and Details
  • ListViews and Iframes
  • Include the script and the page.
  • This module will teach you how to use ActionStatus, ActionSupport, and ActionFunction in practice.
  • You will learn how to automate record updating, task generation, and time-dependent workflows.
  • Updating Records Automatically
  • Creating Tasks and Emails Automatically
  • This session covers Lightning components, their capabilities, and how to implement Lightning web components.
  • Components of Lightning
  • Lightning Components Capabilities
  • Lightning Components vs. VisualForce
  • Salesforce Lightning Web Components Implementation
  • This subject covers the fundamentals of user interfaces and how to customize them.
  • Overview of the User Interface
  • Options for the User Interface (General, Calendar, Sidebar, and Setup)
  • Change the name of the user interface
  • The UI components are dynamically updated.
  • You will learn about incoming and outbound change sets, deployment status, and deployment settings.
  • Deployment and Change Sets: An Overview
  • Change Sets for Inbound and Outbound
  • Configuration and Status of the Deployment
  • Basics of Application LifeCycle
  • Milestones and important factors
  • The Use of Sandboxes in App Development
  • Making Use Of Change Sets
  • Packages
  • Integration and introduction to web services
  • What are the different types of web services and how important are they?
  • Deserialization of JSON
  • Classes in XML
  • Integration using GCP
  • Integration through SOAP and REST API
  • Deserialization of JSON
  • Classes in XML
  • 40
    Hrs of Extensive Training
    Free Career Guidance
    Salesforce job demand increased to 60% from previous years
    Salesforce certified Engineers are preferred by Global Tech firms
    Salesforce job prediction will increase by 60% by the end of 2025
    60% of job postings ask for skills in Salesforce
    Average salary of Salesforce Developer is $238,051
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Because all of the educators at zenith learning have relevant industry experience, it is the finest place to get salesforce training. Our instructors will use a complete training strategy and deliver the greatest learning and training materials to the students. Our instructors will clear the trainee doubts during the live session. In addition to these features, zenith learning offers 24/7 customer assistance; you can contact the support team at any time.
    Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Salesforce should enroll in this course. Job roles such as Application Builders, Developers, Sales Representatives, Administrators, Analysts, and Product Managers will profit greatly from understanding Salesforce.

    Certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers , According to pay scale data, their average annual wage in India is around 8,26,000, whereas it is $95,000 in the United States.
    Our industry professionals will give you a rundown of our salesforce training in the Live demo class. They will also present a full explanation of the value of Salesforce CRM, Salesforce market trends, and job opportunities for Salesforce certified individuals.
    Zenith Learning is a company that specializes in education. Salesforce online training allows students to become familiar with the principles of salesforce administrator and app builder. Learners will gain skills in managing users and implementing business apps using the Salesforce platform as a result of our course. After each module, you will complete quizzes and tasks as part of your salesforce training. After that, you will be working on case studies and projects in real time. All of this will provide you with hands-on experience and prepare you to pass salesforce admin and app builder certifications.
    Use the form on the right of any page on the Zenith Learning website to contact us, or use the Live Chat option. Our customer service representatives would gladly provide you with additional information.

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